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"Kids are learning how to listen, pay attention and follow directions." -Mother of 2, 3, and 4 yr old

Mother wanted more respect from her daughter.  -Mother of 3 yr old

"We plan to use all character development skills as great family values." -Mother of 3 yr old

"Our son has matured so much after six months of the Leaders program." -Mother of 3 yr old

"Andrea has started to follow directions. She is very independent and struggles to listen. The leader program has begun to help, but we have more work to do. " -Mother of 3 yr old

"John has two older brothers so he listens pretty well already but, this is the best reinforcement of our family value we have found." -Mother of 3, 5 and 7 year old

"Luke is the oldest and really enjoys the direction and wrist band rewards. We wish we would have started this 1 year ago." -Mother of 3 yr old

"Mercedes has needed focus and attention to detail during pre-k. She gets distracted by any shiny new object. We can see that this is helping but, it will take her a while. So, glad we have the Leaders programs to help her." -Mother of 3 yr old

"July has been a free spirit and doesn't focus. This program has helped. Thank you." -Mother of 3 yr old

"Mykala does great at looking at you when you speak to her but she lacks the ability to carry out the task discussed. Thank you for this Leader program, it help her to learn to actually carry out the discussed task." -Mother of 3 yr old

"The values we stress at home are reinforced. The leadership program as help our 4 yr old daughter appreciate hard work that yield great results."

"We have seen improvement in her patience, discipline and learning to listen at home." -Kyle Valentine, mom of Francesca Alguire

"They both of developed lots of Confidence since joining." -Stephanie Woodard, mom of Justice and Cadence

"The Leadership program has had an impact in many areas for our daughter. Her self-confidence has increased significantly and we are ALL so much happier."  -Father of 4 yr old

"Our son has benefited from the emphasis on character development and has fostered self-confidence and higher self-esteem. Thank you to Karam's." -Mother of 4 yr old

"Our son and daughter have both participated in the Leadership program. Both have benefited in every area of their lives from social skills to emotional skills. We believe it has been a privilege to be a part of the Karam's program." -Mother of a 3 yr old and 4 yr old

"We have seen a huge attitude improvement in or daughters and improved self-confidence. Which is huge to me." -Mother of a 2, 3, and 4 year old daughters

"We wanted bully prevention for our son. We discovered that how he thinks is the real key to his self-defense." -Mother of 4 year old

"Our son is learning to be a role model with his peers. He is more mature and more disciplined." -Proud mother of a 4 yr old son

"Our child has been stepping up his game since starting the Leaders program. Thank you."  -Mother of 4 yr old

"Our son has learned a deeper understanding of self-control, honor, dignity, and self-discipline." -Mother of 5 yr old

"He is much better at respect." -Jim Moore, Dad of Jonah

"Her respect and focus has improved for sure at school and at home." -Allen Corbett, Dad of Leah

"Teachers say they are respectful and helpful. Love the discipline and self motivation they have learned. The leaders at Karam's are dedicated to helping each student and really helpful with developing the children's personalities." -Chad and Keri Mowrer, Parents of Sydni and Coleman

"We've seen him improve in respect - and I have been using the 7 magic phrases at work as well."  -Kim Wassam, mom of Garret

"Our son is beginning to understand the value of help out the family. We are so happy with his progress. Thank you." -Mother of 5 yr old

"Our daughter likes to talk back and this has reduced so much of that. We still have some after about 6 months, but because of the improvement we see we must thank the Leaders program for the improvement we have seen." -Mother of 5 year old

"He picks up after himself and even gathers up our dishes as well. So impressed." -Kim Wassam, mom of Garret

"Our daughter has developed great self-confidence, knowing she can accomplish anything she sets her sights on." -Mother of 6 yr old

"The Leadership program has helped Johny with self-esteem at home and at school."  -Mother of 6 yr old son

"...he has the ability to focus better than other students in his class." -Mrs. Lisa Fisher, mother of Shayla and Wes

"...he was diagnosed with Aspergers and has learned so much control and discipline." -Mrs. Fernandez, mother of Carlos

"His focus has definitely improved in school."  -Vanessa and Nick Johnson, parents of Cameron

"He needed self confidence and we have seen an amazing change since joining."  -Shelley Myers, mom of Camden

"...our son has done so much better in school since joining. We are so proud." -Mrs. Fernandez. Mother of Carlos

"We always receive compliments on his behavior from other parents and teachers."  -Kelly and Mike Mossor, parents of Andrew Mossor

"He was respectful before, but since joining it has amplified. He got the discipline down after joining Karam's. Karam's has helped him learn how to put his best foot forward and becoming a leader." -Lucianna Russi, Mom of Luciano 

"It’s a great place to learn." -Luciano Russi, 6 yo student

"We only have to say something one time and he has become very responsive. If you think it's something you might want to do, try it. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it."  -Kelly and Mike Mossor, parents of Andrew Mossor

"We love it and keep adding our kids into the program. They have learned how to be respectful and we really appreciate the work ethic they have picked up. The fact that the kids are a great judge of character, we appreciate that our kids have shown the Karam's are great people." -Lori Pilcher, mom of James, Ruth, MaryBeth and Phillip

"They have shown so much more responsibility since joining. They have much more confidence. The kids have learned respect from coming and it is such a positive atmosphere."  -Melissa Kapper, mom of Graydon and Carolina 

"We were hoping they would become well rounded children and we have seen improvements in many aspects. They have started helping other kids without prompting. They will use these skills through their whole life." -Jennifer Mowrer, mom of Casey and Camryn 

"Karam's teach so many other things in life. The program is so well rounded for our son." -Michelle Ash, mom of Chevy

"The kids learn how to work together with others."  -Vanessa and Nick Johnson, parents of Cameron

"Broch now believes he can do anything he puts his mind to. He shows so much more determination when he tries new things. Karam's has definitely improved our son and our family. We will be sure to have our second son join as soon as he is old enough." -Becky Bowman, mom of Broch

"Everyone at Karam's is so very positive and we love the focus on the kids."  -Vanessa and Nick Johnson, parents of Cameron

"Our son is now the first child to raise his hand in class to help his teacher at school and to help his mom at home. Before this, our son would hide in the back row of class and lacked the confidence to answer any question." -Mother of 7yr son

"I appreciate the discipline and respect he has learned since joining." -Missy Steed, mom of Jeremiah

"Her grades and discipline have improved dramatically. She listens the first time since joining the program." -Beth Johnson, mom of Alex

"Saw his grades improve since we joined. He has started to do things the first time and he is making more friends since joining."  -Tara Brown, mom of Alex Brown

"Love that they use, Ma'am, please and Sir when speaking. We love the life skill papers they have to do at home. Makes them think about things they wouldn't otherwise think about." -Amy Peters, mom of Nathan and Justin

"I love when I feel better about myself."  -Justin Peters, student 7yo

"They have learned a lot of respect for people."  -Stephanie Woodard, mom of Justice and Cadence

"It is really an extension of school for David. He doesn't get distracted as easily since joining."  -Scott Finnell, Dad of David 

"He has gained so much focus since joining. His teachers said he has been such a different kid since joining just last month." -Jennifer Parrish, mom of Gabriel Parrish

"She has shown so much more respect, and better grades since joining. She has grown in how she cares for others. We have a lot of respect for the curriculum and what the children learn. The Karam's care about their students and want all of them to succeed."  -Josie Burke, mom of Brooke Burke

"Yes Sir, No Sir, Please, Thank You, Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am and Excuse me, those are the 7 magic phrases we learned at week 1."  -Brooke Burke, 7 yo student

"Johnny can now be comfortable speaking in the the front of class. If you knew him before, you would have never believed this would be possible. This has been a very positive experience."  -Mother of 8 year old boy.

"...we always get compliments from teachers at his school on how well behaved he is..."' -Mrs. Fernandez, Mother of Ricky and Carlos

"...we  joined for her to learn respect. She has done terrific at home and school with this program. We have seen her self confidence grow since Day 1." -Tiffany Gintz, mother of Jordan

"...his grades went from A's, B's and C's to Straight A's and is much more polite at home with everyone. His one teacher shared that she hopes her child turns out to be as polite as Austin some day." -Damon Meager, Dad of Austin

"His self confidence has gone through the roof. His focus and responsibility has also improved. He is more helpful without being asked. " -Glenda and Craig Bambeck, parents of Dylan

"She is showing so much respect and confidence. Love the discipline and self motivation they have learned." -Chad and Keri Mowrer, Parents of Sydni and Coleman

"They are good teachers and we have a lot of fun."  -Sydni Mowrer, 8 year old student

"Loved that this is preparing Jack for Life. His confidence is overwhelming now. He keeps trying no matter what." -Dan Denneher, Dad of Jack Denneher

"We love that he is doing his chores around the house without being asked." -Scott Finnell, Dad of David

"They have helped him tremendously. He used to be so shy. This program was amazing for him. He is attentive, polite and has grown so much. Pleasure to be around."  -Sally Parriso, Grandma of Hunter Abbuhl

"The program is very student centered. Great learning program filled with Character traits that you hope your child to learn."  -Lisa Lengyel, mom of Carrigan

"We learned that the Karam's stick with you. They won't let you fail and they understand kids have different needs."  -Shelley Myers, mom of Camden

"Even at the hardest times, they always cheer me on." -Camden Myers 8yo student

"The program helps them at home, school and life." - Michelle Ash, mom of Chevy Ash

"My oldest son has been training for 6 years and is developing real leadership skills!!"  -Father of 10 year old

"...it gives your child confidence and they have more respect for others." -Damon Meager, Dad of Austin'

"...I have learned respect and confidence."  -Austin Meager, 9 year old student

"...he has become so much more attentive and focused in school and at home."  -Craig Williams, Dad of David Williams

"I would definitely recommend that you join." -Tara Brown, mom of Alex Brown

"The confidence they are developing is helping them with the bullies at their school."  -Amy Peters, mom of Nathan and Justin

"We have seen a lot more of his older brother helping his younger brother. They really get along much better."  -James Stephens, Dad of Dillon and Bailey

"I think it super! We have definitely seen improvements at home."  -Jessica and James Bell, parents of Autumn and Dakota

"John has become a Little Leader that we never thought could happen. He listens, directs activities, and solves communication problems in our house. Thank you."  -Mother of 9 yr old

"The kids love it."  -Jessica and James Bell, parents of Autumn and Dakota

“…a unique and creative method to reach students in a beneficial way…I would highly recommend this program to help build the confidence and discipline that children need to grow and succeed…” -Mr. Steven Shumaker, Teacher

“…amazing change, children started to say ‘Please and Thank you’, started showing more respect for each other, and the teachers…” -Kathy Untch, Principal

“…it would be great in ALL school systems."  -Jann Coates, Teacher

“…its a wonderful program to help develop all the character traits you are hoping your children will develop along the way...”  -Lisa Lengyel, Parent and Teacher