Our Engineered Curriculum Design

Karam’s Martial Arts began instructing in 1975 and has taught over 1,000+ students.

They have:

  • Decades of transformational learning via Pre and Post BERS testing results. 
  • MAPS testing Pre and Post showing increased reading and math scores by 20pts in 100% of the students.

Curriculum design is so very important because it ensures that ALL children receive the same education with a well balanced, engineered learning system.

Karam’s Little Leaders has used 2 very important curriculum design tools which make their curriculum very unique.

The first design tool is called P.I.E.S. which ensures that many Social and Emotional lessons are included.

The second design tool is called Blooms Taxonomy which ensures a proven framework for teaching incremental thinking processes bring out the leadership in your child.

P. I. E. S.

Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, 
Social Development

Educators agree that childhood is the most important stage for building a strong foundation and creating positive daily habits.  “Childhood, however, is the most important stage when a strong foundation for these four developmental areas can be taught simultaneously and in a balanced way. If you want your children to excel in all walks of life, it is important to understand how they develop their PIES.”

(by Red Tricycle)

Learning Unit Summary

Good manners are the hallmark of a polite child. These skills are fundamental to success in every aspect of a person’s life. Learning how to be courteous is paramount in creating a leader.

Believing in our community and contributing to where we live gives us all a strong foundation for who we are.  It provides us an understanding that the world is bigger than just us.  Learning about and understanding our family and country’s history in a way that is impactful and real is very powerful.Learning about
and understanding our family and country’s history is impactful and real.

Respect for ourselves and others is monumental. Whether it be through actions or words, learning what it takes to be respectful is so valuable to all our relationships.

Building trust with others around us and having opportunities to lead is the only way to practice the skill of becoming a respected leader.
Understanding what the others around us need to be successful is necessary for any leader to do well.

Being able to stay on task or committed to a conversation is necessary for our children to follow through. There are so many distractions taking our child’s attention these days that this skill is vital to learn at a young age.

Attitude, cooperation, and the ability to control our emotions dictate a lot of how others view our overall abilities. Having character is never by accident.
Getting along with others and contributing is key to being a team player. The earlier this skill is mastered the faster the transition into a leadership role. Our children will have the support of the team and initiative to rise to the top. When done well, the group will move them to the leadership role because of their team commitment.
It’s not “HOW smart are you?” it’s “How ARE you smart?” Our children don’t need to be the smartest in their class to become a leader, but as we know, “knowledge is power”. Having a respect for information and new knowledge is important and valuable.
Temperance and the ability to stay ‘cool’ when emotions run hot and or things don’t go our way is what Peace is all about. The ability to find peace escapes most of us, if not practiced. But most of us agree, being able to have Peace and the ability to know how to relax is crucial for all of us. We find it difficult to follow a person who isn’t calm in the eye of the storm.
How our children walk in a room and present themselves to others determines a lot about how others will respond to them. It takes less than 3 seconds to make a first impression and the way they show up every day not only reflects how they feel about themselves, but gives insight to others on how they view themselves.
Stepping out and stepping up is a key characteristic of a leader. Until we teach our children how to have courage they can’t ever achieve their greatest potential. Courage is a cornerstone for stepping up to leadership.
Follow through and the consistency on an action over time creates a habit. Seeing the benefits of good habits early on allows for our children to continue creating their own positive habits. Leaders don’t become leaders by accident, it is through a lot of effort and commitment.
The Karam’s Little Leader’s Path

The second design tool is the Success Path which follows Blooms Taxonomy to ensure all children are working towards becoming independent leaders. BLOOMS Taxonomy: is a classification system used to define and distinguish different levels of children’s cognition—i.e., thinking, learning, and understanding. It is a hierarchical ordering of cognitive skills that helps teachers teach and children learn.

Early educators (1956) broke down the Blooms Taxonomy to homogenized learning for most everyone. It was revised in 2001 for education. This curriculum follows these proven stages of learning to ensure all children that participate in this program have the opportunity to (maximize their personal growth opportunity) excel in these areas.

The “Karam’s Little Leaders” program shows all kids how to build Self Confidence by the end of the first year, learn decision making skills at the end of the second year, and develop enhanced creativity by the end of the third year.

Thus, making all children “Karam’s Little Leader” graduates.