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What is Black Belt Bruce?

Black Belt Bruce is a fun and engaging program designed to teach young children to become leaders, using a combination of short videos, workbooks and a proven reward system.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Character Development
  • 12 Life Skills (one per month)
  • Over 50 challenges
  • Real life awards (wristbands and certificates)

An Experienced Guide

PARENTS: We believe it is so important for you to get an experienced guide, so you DON’T WASTE your child’s most formative learning years.

A Brown University study of 50,000 families showed that children’s behaviors and habits are rooted by the age of 9.

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Little Leaders


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Mom's Choice

California Mom didn’t think her 3yr old was understanding the concept, but listen to what happened.

Ohio Foster mom was surprised that her kids jumped right into cleaning their rooms after watching their weekly episode.

Georgia Mom was pleasantly surprised to learn that her children’s school teacher were seeing more courteous behavior.

Arizona Grandma was so proud when her granddaughter offered to help out because the teachers aid was out sick that day.

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Karam's Little Leaders

Check out this sample lesson.

Our program has a lesson for every week of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child will learn what it takes to be a successful leader at home, at school, and in LIFE. All of this is taught through a 36-month evidence-based curriculum. The curriculum follows two engineered learning methods proven to be the most effective and efficient for teaching children.
The two learning methods are known as “Blooms Taxonomy” and “ PIES”. (Click here to learn more on our engineered curriculum). Initially, your child will begin by building a foundation of 12 character skills. These skills will all be built within the first year of the program.

We have been teaching these weekly skills and techniques since 1975 as an integral part of our martial arts curriculum. This curriculum has helped literally 1,000’s of students.
The curriculum took a leap forward when Audra and Matthew Karam joined in 2000. They brought with them the most modern research techniques for teaching children and child development. The Karam’s aligned a specific life skill with each month to allow the children to focus their learning and obtain results in the shortest amount of time. This couple has more than 50 years of combined experience working with kids and leadership development.

There isn’t another program out there like the “Karam’s Little Leaders” program that will successfully develop your child into a confident, caring, and respectful adult. The “Karam’s Little Leader” program is designed to take not only the children through this development but the whole family. These necessary skills are NOT taught in most public, private, or charter school, until now.

The “Karam’s Little Leaders” program is designed for most children who are between 3-7 years old. The physical age of the child will sometimes vary with where they are intellectually and emotionally. These are simply guidelines. We encourage every child who shows an interest to participate and grow from the program.

To participate in “Karam’s Little Leader” program and receive the supporting products, a membership is required. The membership includes all weekly videos, activities, and missions. As well as monthly calendars, character stickers, stars, activity pages and wristbands.
The investment is $49/mo.

“Karam’s Little Leaders” program is taught through a cartoon character with Black Belt Bruce and friends. We use the cartoon to tell the weekly stories and adventures that can be viewed through your phone, tablet, and desktop in the United States.